Shawynteclare Kalama-Twain- Shawynclare Kalama (Same Person)

Is a very 'Extraordinary' person.  Working to 

progress on a new devotionals book that she 

is currently working on as an Author, singer, Navy and loves Jesus.

Shawynteclare is learning how to step into photography

to expand her career in many fields.  Jesus gave me many gifts to use to bless other's is what this distributor's website is for. 



I would also make this tribute to all the missionary women and men from Hearts Home International- Brooklyn, France, Germany, England, Italy, Lebanon, Argentina, United States.  I love you Brooklyn Hearts home, and around the world.  

If you would like another photo from the top, just pick a order at the bottom and let me know in the little box at the bottom what you want in detail, and i will switch a photo, and create either Aluminum HD 3D Canvas- All sizes Or Aluminum Photo's- All sizes. Tubes- Please say!  Thank You!

CEO: Shawynteclare Kalama-Twain-Shawynclare 

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Shawynclare: Hearts Home:  1-718-522-2121